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alright so i am trying to think of what to do next on my xk. so i figured id start a thread to help me out and everyone else out on this forum. I am curious what is your mods on your veh and what was your least favorite and what was your favorite also prices and eveyrthing would be great.

so ill start.

1. SkyJacker Lift kit- 230.00
2. Bfg m/t 255/75/17- 94.00 x4
3. 1.5in wheel spacers- 200.00
4. surco roof rack- (in the mail should be here today) 175.00
5. full tint-180.00
6. custom cai- 65.00
7. pioneere 5700 in-dash touch screen, dvd, mps, radio- 899.00
8. rockford fosgate T-1 subs and pheonix titanium amp- subs- 389.99x2 amp-849.99

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Most of my mods are listed in my signature, The lift and exhaust are the most enjoyable, the door sill plates were a waste of money cause nobody can see them when the doors are closed. The GetLost4X4 bumper will rank up near the top once installed I am sure, next it will be tires and then a rear bumper or tire swingaway.

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I suggest you go for the OME coils instead of SkyJacker Lift kit, it costs ($82x4) $328 and you end up with four original coils which you can sell. so you can get OME lift with at least same cost as SkyJacker (or even less) and you get better lift (quality wise), more loading capability and stronger coils for off road.

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Here's my list:

Most favorite:
  • REC Nav system
  • Sirius
  • PAC aux input unit
  • K&N CAI 63
  • 4XGuard sliders & skid plate
  • Window vents
  • Mopar Brush Guard
  • Seat covers
  • Door sill plates
  • Rear grab handles
  • Defender roof rack
  • Hood wind deflector
  • Window tinting
  • Husky Liners
Least favorite:
  • Gibson exhaust (rattles)
  • AFE intake (gone after a week)
  • Monthly payment :D
Opinion pending:
  • MT Motorsports wheels (need hub-centric rings)
  • GY Silent Armors (dependent on wheels above)
  • Defender Rack light cage (wind noise)
  • Spacer lift (want the Superlift, don't have the cash :( )

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MODS i like:

*bilstien 5150 12" shocks
*rear sway bar disconnected
*wheel spacers
*rocker gaurds ;)
*true flow air filter

Mods i dislike:
*spacer lift
*paint scratches:D

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I'm pleased with:

- Tint/UV shield on front windows
- Grab handles (painted black)
- Painted the shiny chrome ring around shifter area black
- Painted the stock door sill guards black
- Bracket to hold iPod mini and custom-length cable to input jack on head unit
- WeatherTech floor liners
- Cheap-ass cargo liner (used interlocking anti-fatigue mat squares)
- Molded splash guards
- Fumoto oil drain valve

Not sure I spent my money wisely:

- K&N cold air intake

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Well let's see.

Removed Intake Snorkle - Undid that, got tired of the parts laying around, no improvement noticed on MPG or performance. Indifferent

Replaced stock muffler with Flowmaster 40. Yep, undid that too. It sounded AWESOME!!! But alas, drone came to play at 63mph+. Not good for me or the kids. So, that's on my least favorite list.

Tinted windows. - Man, don't know how people drive without tint. Favorite

Stereo - Gotta have a sub, also added a Jensen Flip-up DVD in dash unit, and MTX speakers all around. Right up there with tint, I mean, you gotta have tunes.

Flowmaster 50-SUV. Now that's what I was looking for with the 40. Nice aggressive sound, but only heard from the outside, no interior resonance at any RPM. Windows up, air on, cruising at highway speeds, radio on, and still able to hold a conversation without screaming. One of favorites.

Hitch Cover. My kids (via dear wife) got me a chrome skull hitch cover with light up red LED eyes for Fathers Day last year. I love it.

So yeah, I haven't modded it a lot. I mean, it's a Jeep, not like I'm going to cam up a 35k vehicle that's still under warranty, or add vinyls or anything like that.

I may get wheels sometime, but in the end, it's a people mover, not an extension of my personality, so I may not. I have the Magnum for that kind of thing.
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