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Mileage report with 4.7 L V-8 after 887 miles. Overall mileage has been 16.5 MPG. On one highway run of 215 at around 60 MPH on cruise control, I got 18 MPG. On my last tank which was mainly urban driving, I go 15.9 MPG. My panel computed miles has been between 1/2 -1 MPG higher than the actual figures. Close enough for me. I should note that I drive with cruise control whenever it seems safe to do so.

Re MTE (miles to empty) data, I've only had two data periods, so take this with a grain of salt. However, they both agreed. When I refilled the tank, I noted the MTE figure first. After subtracting my add from 20.6 gallons and dividing the difference by the actual MPG, in both cases, I figured that if I had run the Jeep to the MTE reported figure, I would have still had 1.6 gallons of fuel or enough to go at least 25 more miles MAYBE.

So, if a person really wanted to stretch it out, when the MTE got down to 100 to go, re-zero one of the settable trip odometers to zero and when it reads 125, figure you're on fumes or will be very shortly. It would be unwise to depend on the MTE to be accurate down to zero since the closer you get to zero, the more the MTE figure varies. However, if you run out of gas using this procedure, DON'T blame me!
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