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Now I remember the first time I found out about the commander. It was on Club Lexus, most of the guys hated on it :p but I thought it looked pretty good. I had heard about how Chrysler had been turning things around (300c, magnum, charger...) and that in 05 Jeep got a major overhaul. I thought about now and then over the next few months. Then one day, I finally saw one on the road. I thought they looked so cool! So I went to the dealership to check it out. Turns out they have a great 4x4 system to tackle the infamous Minnesota winters, and it drove as smooth as my LS400 did. I was so impressed with the overall vehicle (and its ability to utilize it for my work) 3 days later I had one in my driveway.

Well I knew I had to mod the heck out of it. I liked the car as a whole but it needed a few things to tie it all together. Especially the number of pieces that were plastic and needed to be painted. The interior was a little boring, though it might look crappy in the picture the dash kit in person is amazing, it really really sets the car off.

Car: 2006 Jeep Commander 4.7l V8



Chrome Door Handles
Black Jeep Emblem
E&G Classic’s Grill
Halo Fogs (last piece waiting to be installed)
Locking Chrome Gas Cap (second to last piece waiting to be installed)

Limited chrome body moldings
Limited chrome roof rack

Color matched roof rack caps
Color matched front valence
Color matched side mirrors
Color matched rear hatch
Color matched rear roof panels
Color matched rocker panels (running boards)
Color matched rear bumper skid plate

Wheels & Tires

Wheels are 22x9 Oasis Multipeice Nomad

Tires are Nitto NT420 265/35/22


130 (yes one hundred and thirty) piece Titanium Burlwood(blackwood) dash kit.


KNN Drop in filter (for better gas mileage)

Company vynal sticker on the back (for the sticker horsepower gains of course)


I really didn’t want to go crazy with subs so I went with 2 Alpine 12” Type R’s each with a 1000 Watt Alpine amp. Still a WIP.
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