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I mentioned I was going to post a pic of this old baby in another thread but forgot, got an email reminding me today :)

This is a cheap setup if you have a welder ... I just bolted the winch to some 3/8" checker plate and welded a trailer hitch on directly behind the cable (Blue Arrow)

A added a rubber "bumper" incase I was pulling at an angle to protect the truck's finsih (Black Arrow)

Then later I added two high strength snap hooks on the back (two Green Arrows) so I could use it with a strap around a tree

The other Green Arrow is for putting on a pulley to double up the pull power as it's just a 4000 pounder and if you in the mud the pulley really makes a diference ... I have acutally used TWO pulleys before when I was really stuck

The two Red Arrows are where I clip on regular jumper cables for power ... I have often used a separate battery which makes it totaly portable.

Like I say I consider it cheap now ... but when I made it up I was only 19 or 20 and it was a Major expense for me ... but it has paid me back big time over the years ... I plan to make up a bigger one for the Commander someday soon


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