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I found this searching around... thatnks goes to The Unofficial MyGIG Information Site Forum... cool place for Jeep guys with these funky radios.

Here a list of all the fixes...

Changelog (partial) for update v2.401 RER/REW/REP:Bug fixes:
Intermittent no sound from audio system when using remote start
Radio lock up when using U-Connect
Repeated "acquiring signal" message when in satellite radio mode

2.302 RER/REW released July 2010
Updated all logo graphics and use VEH_BRAND and special package for MY11 and

2.107 RER/REW released May 2010
Bug fix for Genre being reported as numerical value
Bug fix for flashes in the cluster after a HDD next track operation
Bug fix for GPS time lockup
Added support for new vehicle message matrix 911
Fully implement audio EQ 11.0

2.043/2.045 RER/REW/REP released October 2009
Added minimize button to hide/show all buttons on the map
Implemented PDO release for Nav OPTIONS, both in motion and in static
Change of all sub screens after HDD AVAILABLE CATERGORIES to read “EXIT”
instead of “CANCEL”
Added Pause/Play button to HDD and Disc per PDO Release
Diesel Gasoline POI category
Pop up to notify user that X tracks were successfully copied out of Y tracks
POI redesign
New Startup logo and associated changes for “Sterling” vehicle type (DA).
Added support for Fuel Saver Mode in the HS HEV (new signal
FUEL_SA_MD_ACT in CAN VMM820b). Continue to use CYL_DEACT for LS.
Several bug fixes for POI listing – alphabetical ordering, favorites and nearby POI
Bug fix for phone call VR barge in failure
Bug fix for incorrect volume after call
Bug fix for no clock option for +9.5 and +10.5 time zones
Bug fix for blue screen while scrolling in construction area
Fix for navigation volume during a phone call
Fix for disc lock up when trying to add picture from disc
Bug fix for audio blip when seeking in FM mode
Fix for Nav Main Menu missing SK
Bug fix for blue squares displayed on map
Bug fix for GPS information not populating

My 2010 XK had version 2.043... from over a year ago. The next update was done in May 2010 after the last XK's were built (I believe)... not positive on that, but either way, this is newer and addresses some issues...

2.401 zip download

2.401 ISO download

I found the ISO very easy to use. I saved it to my hard drive, then When I single-clicked on the file, Windows 7 allowed me to burn the image on a CD.

Once the disc is burned.......

Do not attempt to install WITHOUT THE MOTOR RUNNING! If the MyGig looses power at anytime during the install you can forget about the MyGig ever working again!

It is VERY IMPORTANT to read the following instructions before you attempt to install. Failure to read could turn your pretty MyGig into a useless brick!

What ever you do --- do NOT remove the disc till the MyGig asks you to install the software a second time! This is the equivalent of the "Your installation is complete" window. Then you simply click "NO" then you can eject the disc.


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Can you import this into the RER via the USB post using a thumbdrive???? Seems it would be easier and faster. Also, my daughter killed my cd burner.......

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No it cant be done on a thumb drive. They have to be put on cd disc. Gracenote updates have to be put on dvd. The rer is picky with what program you use to burn the disc. I used Ashampoo Burning studio its free and it worked fine. Mak sure you follow the steps VERY CAREFULLY. You could damage your radio if you dont.
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