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Nav/CD/radio going out intermittently.

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Hello, I couldn't find any posts of someone who has this exact problem. I just bought a 07 Commander Limited with the Navigation/CD/Sirius radio. The radio volume cuts out intermittently for a second, then goes back on and this occurs every 10-20 seconds. It's the same problem whether moving or sitting still, and whether it's the radio or a CD playing. Nothing else electrical seems to be also cutting out. Music, cut out for a second, continues, cuts out for a second and so on. It's frustrating.

My second 07 Commander, this one has 110 K less miles than the first one. Been on the forum since 2012 but this is my first post.

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Now, as far as your radio problem goes, it sounds like it's time for a new one.

The factory head units only last so long and yours is now 16 years old - assuming it's still the original factory head unit.

I deep-sixed mine a long time ago (after going through 3 different factory head units) & upgraded to a Pioneer AVH-X490BS CD/DVD RDS AV head unit, with Sirius XM Receiver.

One of the best upgrades I've made to date and I've done a boat-load of them.
Thank you for the info, I'll look into the Pioneer. Tunes while driving is an absolute must.
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