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I have just came into a 2006 Jeep Commander Limited that the engine is dead.
My uncle bought it at an auction, trailered it home and had his people look at it.
They were able to get its 5.7 HEMI started and but ran very poorly.
His one mechanic pulled the engine and tore it down.
He discovered that both heads were cracked, four valve seats fell out.
I am assuming they caused the valve to fail and junk fell into four different cylinders.
Three of the four cylinders, the scratches on the cylinder walls could be honed out.
However, the last cylinder that was hurt, that hole will need to be sleeved to bring back to a bore as the same size as the other 8, or all eight cylinders will need to bored .030 over.

I am seeking advice:
1. Do I search for a '06-'08 take out engine?
2. Do I search for a reman/rebuilt 5.7 HEMI?
3. Do rebuilt the junk I have?

1. What I am finding is take a out 5.7 is about $2000 to $2,500 with 100K miles

2. Evilbay remans are about the same price, but freight starts to hurt the deal.
What scares me about these engines is who knows what kind of parts are used and how is the craftsmanship of the work performed to put that motor back together.
I really like the idea of a engine that is fresh and new.

3. Rebuilding my own junk seems the like the most expensive way to get this rig back on the road.

I am on a limited budget.
It is my hope you fellows could offer some advice, tips, opinions on how to best source an engine for the least cost.
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