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2008 jeep commander key fob malfunction left me stranded 4 hours from home on sunday. keyless entry remote function worked fine, but when i inserted the fob into the ignition port, all i got was a "damaged key" message. since the dealer wasn't opened on sunday, i had to stay an extra night only to find out the dealer did not have a replacement fob in stock and that even if he did, i would have to have the vehicle towed to the dealer to program the replacement. luckily, the spousal unit was able to bring the spare down and we were fortunate that it worked.

i called our local dealer today to find out a replacement fob would be $160 and $90 programming fee.

i've also noticed that there are replacement transponder keys that have a programmable chip in them but do not have remote entry capabilities. i can get one online for $25 or from the dealer for $40, but still gonna have to pay $90 for the dealer to program it.

knowing my old lady, she will insist on having remote keyless entry. is there a less expensive way to get a transponder key and a stand alone keyless entry remote?

also, if you have only the transponder key without a keyless entry remote, how to you activate and deactivate the security alarm?

thanks in advance
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