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The installation of the reman 4.7 continues in my 2006 Commander. Since the shop wanted EIGHT grand for the job, using a Jasper long block, and I have replaced a half dozen motors along the way, I went after it my self. I got the new motor and a shop manual and everything (mostly) went well with just a few parts left over... The day came and the key was turned... No start. DOAH! So here's what I have so far:

Reman long block from PowerSource @ $2,500
Fuel - Oil - Coolant ok
New Optima 900 CCA battery @ 12.7 V
Injectors sent out and rebuilt
All sending units are original 114k miles
New belt/hoses/spark plugs/air filter
Filled oil filter before installation / pre-lubed per Shop manual, with a shot or two of motor oil in spark plug hole then cranked by hand
Oil Pressure: 50 psi cranking
Fuel Pressure: 55 psi at fuel rail test port
All gauges, lights, and other electrical items seem to be working

I shot some starting fluid in the intake and engine fired/ran for 5 seconds or so. I did this no more than 3 times to prevent washing the cyls.

I located a 4 pin connector on the passenger side coil loom. The mate was located on the back of the engine, between the bell
housing and block. still no-start.

So, I figure whatever sensor controls the fuel injectors may be the culprit. Any additional ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Joe R.
SW Washington
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