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I brought a secondhand 2007 Jeep Commander this year and have had an issue or two to fix so far... I assume now that the previous owner thought it needed too much work and got rid of it. I have fixed these issues and I love the car! It has towed my caravan and drives well on sand. I took it to Moreton Island and it had no problems just churned through the sand.

The first issue was the ETC light would come on after the car was warm, it would get about 10 mins into the drive and ETC light would come on and the car would go into "limp mode". It drove really well before that until it was warm. After having 5 different mechanics look at it, who all quoted me for new turbo's, new gear boxes, new everything for $$$$4000+ .. I found a decent mechanic who took time to find the answer, which he found on a Chrysler engine problem forum page, and it only cost $400. I am no mechanic but from how he explained it - the sensor was over-reacting and he put in a resistor to bypass it. See his words

"Vehicle goes into limp mode after 20 min drive.
Connect scan tool and down load fault codes.
Boost pressure low
Swirl motor circuit open circuit or going to ground
Glow plug 6 open circuit
Plus various communication codes.
Inspect wiring to boost control module and ECU harness
seems ok. A lot of oil from elephant hose that goes onto
turbo needs new seal.
Found pins on plug to boost module may be loose.
Retension connector as good as possible .
Suspect swirl motor may be damaged by oil. ( big job )
Fit resistor across swirl motor plug connections to eliminate
swirl motor from circuit. Test glow plug circuit, found 6 open
circuit needs replacement.
Road test vehicle ,rescan after road test.
Glow plug circuit 6
Swirl motor circuit high resistance
Various communication faults.
Replace resistor with lower value resistance and road test.
Glow plugs 6circuit
Various communication codes.
Rescan after road test

Leaking sunroof
The sunroof was tapped down when I brought it and I assumed it didn't work, but it works fine. I took the tape off, next time it rained - the inside of my car was saturated. Turns out the tubing connecting the sunroof to the bottom of the car (how it drains) was blocked, (may have been blocked for years as there was rusted chunks now). I unblocked it and cleaned out the gutter then replaced all the tubing with a similar size tubing just found at Bunnings. Just look on You Tube for the how to, but it was really easy. It took me most of the weekend, but cost less than $20.

AC Evaporator
I am currently replacing the AC Evaporator, which I'm sure was due to break after 13 years, and its going to cost $1400ish.

I am also planning on getting a front lift, it has a rear one already.
A custom Bullbar & rear bar with ladder because I'm a "short-ass" (Aussie slang for short).
And some new Sand tyres! In Queensland there is a lot of sand driving to be done.
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