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Hello All! I just bought a 2008 Jeep Commander, 5.7 HEMI, Outlander, Quada-Drive II. It appears to have a basic 2" lift (strut and spring spacers) with 31" tires. I bought this to build memories with my kids, so would like to get it trail ready as soon as possible.

I'd like to put a 4" lift on it (with 33" tires assuming), a roof rack, a front bumper with winch mount, and a rear bumper with spare mount. I would appreciate some experienced Commander owners to recommend best components to achieve this build (on a budget). Your input is appreciated! Here are some concerns/guidelines:

- 4" lift kits - From what I've read, Superlift is the best??? Old Man Emu is good, but may wear out your front axle joints quicker since the front differential is not lowered, and the ride angle of your front shafts are then greater. Since I have a 2" suspension spacer lift, could I just add a 2" body lift and call it a day? Are there other good/affordable suspension lifts? What about doing an OME lift, and somehow lowering the front differential a bit? My issue with the Superlift is that it's expensive, and I would likely have to pay someone to install it for me. I'm sure I could do an OME install myself, but I don't want it to cost me more in the long run by ruining my front drivetrain. So looking for some affordable ideas. (Does the Superlift kit come with detailed installation instructions?)

(I realize how aggressive I intend to drive it can dictate the lift. Let's just say I'd like to build it right the first time, and not have to change it out later as I get more aggressive with the vehicle. Ultimately, I'd like to be able to handle most obstacles short of extreme rock crawling.)

- Rear bumper with tire mount questions: Are there any that allow you to keep your stock/factory back up camera in place? Or do you have to move the camera or install a new camera? Foregoing a new rear bumper is an option too, if under the vehicle can hold a 33" tire??? Is that possible? I don't like the idea of storing the tire on the roof rack, cause I lose the space for camping gear (I have a family of 6). What's the biggest tire I can store under the truck?

- Front bumper questions: I've seen some brush guards with winch mounts. Are these as good as just replacing the whole bumper, or is it better to replace the whole bumper?

- Roof rack questions: I'd like to add some LED lights too. Are there roof racks that come with the LEDs already installed? Any other things I should look for in a roof rack?

- The previous owner lost the factory front differential skid plate, so I need to replace. I think some front bumpers come with front skid plates, but I don't know if they protect the differential. Any companies out there sell replacement skid plates, or bumper/skid plate combos out there?

Please be gentle, I'm a new 4x4 owner (never owned one before), but excited to get on some light trails with my family. Thank you in advance.

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You say you want to do all of this "on a budget".

I hope it's a large budget my friend cause I'd say you are looking at least $8,000 for everything you want to do and it could easily be more if you are paying for labor too.

Welcome to the forum, here are some good links to get you started:

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A lot of general Commander questions are answered in the thread listed below.

Start with the 2nd post in the thread, take your time and read it in it's entirety, there is a lot of good info throughout.

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