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I ended up buying the 2009 Commander Limited that I referenced in another thread here.

Got it from a Mercedes Benz dealer. It was traded in by a "60ish" couple on a new Benz.
QTll, Hemi, uConnect RER,, rear TV, Heavy duty trailer tow package, Red Crystal pearl coat.

Looks like brand new in and out.

The rearmost seat latch was broken, and the windshield had a small pucker at the driver's side base.
The dealer replaced the glass ($386) & had the local Jeep dealer put in a new seat latch mechanism ($242).
The Chrysler recalls are all up to date as well.

Now here's what's cool. I was unaware that these things had "sunroof drain" problems.
When I scheduled it in to have the above replaced , the service manager said he's worked for Jeep for years before he came to
MB. He told me all about the drain issue & said "while we have it here I'll make sure the drains are clear and the
floorboard grommets are opened up..."

PLUS, they gave me a new MB to use overnight!

A pleasant buying experience ....for a change...!

I love this thing so far.

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That's awesome!

Its a great Jeep, the best in my opinion. It'll serve you well.
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