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Hey all,

I have a 06 limitied commander. 5.7 hemi, ect. I have owned it now since around 60k. She now has 90k on it and I am going to be stealing it from my wife and getting her something else. I have been looking around at some options and have a few ?s.

As far as a life I am debating between the RC 2" and the Daystar 2". Both look decent and are similarly priced.

As for tires I am going to go with the 265/70/17 goodyear wrangler authority. Anyone had experience with these? They look aggressive and I want a somewhat decent ride quality.

What else should I get when doing this? I have read some people do the pinch and weld b/c of rubbing? However the RC lift says nothing about rubbing?

I was also thinking about replacing the shocks/struts while I'm at it since it has 90k on it. Any brand anyone prefers?

My goal is to just get some more height without killing ride quality on the highway. Thanks in advance!
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