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Howdy all -

First time in my life with not only an automatic transmission but a all-wheel drive (or 4wd, if you push the button)

Bought the 3.7L 2009 Commander with 13k miles on it. Now getting close to 200k. I love this rig!
It will climb a telephone pole. Drives on ice very well... had to learn to coast downhill in neutral so it doesn't float around,
use the e-brake to keep the rear end in the back ggg . Can drive this around in conditions where you can't even stand,
much less walk. Same for mud, bad weather... this is everything the H2/H3's wish they were! hehe

Now I finally start looking at drivetrain maintenance.
Changed out the transfer case fluid "just because at 200k miles you'd think it needed it". Had to pay $85 a quart!!!!! at our local
Chrysler shop to get the 'Official' AT4 stuff.

It never made noise until I did that. Shoulda left it alone. WHAT CAN I put in there instead that works well and
won't make all that racket?!

Started getting a growl noise, that made me think the front differential was going. Best report I got back is from
our local differential guy... Tells me after spending money on another rig replacings the front wheel bearings, rear wheel bearings, rebuilding
both differentials... it turned out to be the FRONT driveshaft, FRONT cv joint. Typical symptom... it's noisy from ~40 to ~70 mph.
Exactly what I've got!!!!

At $500+ tho, I can't afford to be wrong... is my guy right? Putting it up on blocks X4 and spinning
stuff by hand isn't giving me the answer. No noise from wheel brgs, no shake, no weird, afraid to run it very fast on blocks under
power to find any other noises... I'd like to fix it right the first time, and I do think it's that front drive CV joint.

And yes, I put new GL5 synthetic in the front differential, and yes... it would have been better to leave it alone.
It too now makes noise that it didn't make before...

Can I use Lucas or Amsol in place of all this fiddling around, and would I need to put in the magic Chryslser anti-slip juice?

Thank you for pointing me the right way.

I'm going home to put in the water pump now... Going to guess clean, neat, flat, use std alternating torque sequence and anti-sieze and about 40 or 45 ft lbs...

Thank you for pointing me the right way. Never worked on such a 'little motor' before... :nerd:
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