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Airaid Filter Company, pioneered the composite filter to the automotive aftermarket in 2002 with SynthaFlow® (cotton plus synthetic). We are excited in 2010 to introduce SynthaMax®, the next generation in high performance air filtration. SynthaMax is 100% synthetic, colorfast, non-oiled and washable.

A unique benefit to our non-oiled performance filter, is the appearance. SynthaMax filters are good looking! Indistinguishable from iconic red cotton performance filters. Colorfast dyed, SynthaMax will maintain its new appearance after multiple cleanings. Cleaning is easy, wash with a mild non-petroleum household detergent and rinse.

NON-Oiled Media
1. No-Hassle Maintenance.
No Oil, No guessing, No Worries
2. Simply Wash, Dry, Re-Install
3. 100% Synthetic
4. Iconic Red Colorfast Dye Won’t Fade

99+% Efficiency Rating
1. Excellent Filtration Efficiency

Washable & Reusable
1. Last Air Filter You Will Ever Buy
2. Proudly Made In The USA
3. Lifetime “No-Hassle” Warranty

SynthaMax NON-Oiled Filters are Now In Stock and Ready To Ship!

Any questions, please feel free and let me know.

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