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I picked this stuff up off of Craigslist on the cheap ($180 for all) really early this morning and took off with it to get back to work. I took it all out of the Jeep at home during lunchtime today and realized I'm missing brackets and hardware. I need to give it a good hard going over after work and see exactly what all is missing. Keeping my fingers crossed the guy has them and overlooked them when loading it up in his truck.

But, if I/we can't get my hands on them, can anybody help me out with where I could manage to pick up just the brackets needed? I called SteelCraft, pretty sure that's who made all this stuff, and they were completely unhelpful. Said they won't sell anything to the public and I'd have to *try* to get the stuff through whoever it was bought from originally. The other option would be to have them fabricated and powder coated, which I think would get expensive fairly quickly.

Hardware I'm not too concerned about and can probably take care of it with SS or Grade 8 stuff from the hardware store.

I'm kinda getting a bad gut feeling on this purchase now. :mofo:

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