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Hey guys new-ish member here ive been creeping the forum for the past week trying to learn as much i can about the commander i just bought.

Just bought a 2006 commander 4.7 v8. Says trail rated on the side.

My question is...(im sure i will have many more please bare with me!)

I just bought a double din JVC KW-AVX640 deck and am looking to install it. Now my original deck in there is plain 1 cd no nav.
I've been reading around and believe i may have found a few answers but i want to be 100% sure im ordering the right parts.

Can anyone give me a hand with what parts i have to order to make thsi all work. I have no fiberglass experience so that is out of the question. I read about a metra dash kit...are tehre any other options that i can buy? or is that it? Where online do you guys order your stuff/ has to ship to canada.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

(also ordering a 2inch RR lift today extremely excited!)

thanks again cheers!:icon_cheers:
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