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just got my wheels mounted and balanced and put on... pro comp 7069 series 17x9 with 265/70 iron man all country M/Ts
have some rubbing on turns with the front bumper and the pinch weld, im gonna fix that this weekend if the weather holds up but so far so good. the tires are a bit noisy as expected. but pretty quiet compared to other MT's


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Looking good.

Rather then start a new thread, I figured this is as good a place to make this post as any.

My Centerline rims have finally reached the end of their life span and they are starting to give me problems.

After 6 years of use on 2 different Jeeps, I've had 2 of them develop minute, hairline cracks on me in the last 6 weeks and wound up having to get them tig-welded almost completely around the entire circumference of the rim. This was on a line where the manufacturer, apparently, had milled too deeply.

Over time, with stress & wear, the area that was milled too deeply, slowly started to separate and eventually a very small, pinhole/hairline crack developed.

While they are working fine now after being tig-welded - it's just a matter of time before the other 2 crack and I don't need to be worried about my rims failing under stress - or worse yet, under load.

So, as much as I love them, they are going to have to go.

I'm leaning towards ordering a set of these in the next week:

I can get a set of 4 for $700.00 and free shipping, that's pretty reasonable. I think they will look good - and more importantly, I they are better suited for the wear & tear I'll be exposing them too.
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