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I have no accessory mode on my 06 5.7 acc mode with key I mean to say.
I have checked all wires head to toe. Nuts to butts!
one suspected wire, under the center counsel leaving the XK box. looks to be design Audio and power for the yaw sensor.
Not sure what the box is but has a giant XK on it. im gone patch it up tomorrow. checked all my voltage. I’m Gucci.
Everything except my horn was getting Voltage while running.
My harness on the crossmemeber was sealed up. Alternator lead had 13-14 volts. Didn’t check stater but she fires up everytime.
My head lights stay on when driving.
Day or night no light control.
I am unable to use my brights, no radio, no lcd tv, no turn signals, hazards come and then won’t go off, no heated seats, cluster lights up but gas Speedo and rpm, don't work.
have some dummy lights on.
Can’t pull a codes but no check engine light. my darn obd port is corroded.

Starter and alternator are legit. Battery cranks @14 when running. 12-13 when off.

I just now found out the interior fuse panel had relays on the back. not sure how to tell if a relay is bad. I’ll research that next I did buy a pcm and had some spare relays of both type. I hope I just popped a circuit break located on back of the panel or front.

So full disclosure
Cause if you ain’t honest, honestly no body can help you!
I was parked waiting for my wife. My stock sub wasnt working after I removed the front center consol earlier in the day and was was being impatient.
I then, like a dummy, pulled the fuse 30 the 15 while it was running ?‍♂ this is when my nightmare began!

Help a brother out! This is my wife’s daily. We named it the mommander!
We are lifted on 35’s and spacer!
blondiocksbeautyservies on Instagram to see out jeep.

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Try your hazard switch (the button that flashes your 4-ways) I had a Dodge Caliber that had a faulty hazard switch and the headlights, wipers, turn signals, and ignition switch all didn’t work correctly. Took it to dealer and costed me $1300 for a $7 part. I don’t know if it’s the same issue on the mander but could give it a try? The hazard switch is on top the steering wheel and it should be a very cheap switch online.
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