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Now I'm part of the Jeep club again. My wife and I both owned Wranglers about 10 years ago (right before we got married) we have found our way back.

We picked up a Midnight Blue Limited w/Hemi. Its got everything except the off road skid plates and U-Connect. We got it Friday and took it out of town on Saturday for the weekend. All I can say is WOW! Great vehicle! It makes it easy to get over not buying an LR3. LOL
For everythig this vehicle has and can do, its a great bargain, a major bang for the buck!
Its a great time to buy a SUV right now...they are starting to stack up on dealership lots and they are wheeling and dealing. I was playing two dealerships against eachother and my trade difference number dropped like a rock over two days of dealing!
It was actually kinda fun and we ended up with a great deal.
We took advantage of the "Miles of Freedom" program. And we upgraded the Warranty to the 84mo/85000 miles version.
This vehicle is the most advanced thing that has every had the Jeep name on it. FWIW, I highly suggest an extended warranty for anyone who buys one.
I am happy :D
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