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No More Superlift 4 inch lift kits?????

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Just checked out Superlift web sight 4 inch lift no longer listed.
Called them and they say its no longer available.

Does any one have this kit that will part with it? I meant to purchase one after my engine was rebuild was completed.
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@WeldUnit ;

I've seen a couple of kits with 2.5 inch spacers that claim 4 inches of lift, but personally, I wouldn't trust a kit with spacers that large.

I'll keep looking , but, the chances of finding a complete 4 inch suspension lift for the XK now, look bleak.

If you want something of quality, you'd probably have to go to a 4x4 shop and put your own lift together, by buying your own individual components (mix & match as needed) and you'd better have a good size budget.
I’ve been trying to get ahold of a set of SL knuckles since September 2020. Recently I gave up and listed the Jeep for sale. I’m currently on a 3.5” lift and 33s with jba UCAs.
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