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No More Superlift 4 inch lift kits?????

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Just checked out Superlift web sight 4 inch lift no longer listed.
Called them and they say its no longer available.

Does any one have this kit that will part with it? I meant to purchase one after my engine was rebuild was completed.
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Has anyone been able to find a 3-4" lift since the last posting? I really want to run 33s when I buy mine and cant find kits anywhere. if there are not kits can some one give me a parts list of what worked for them so achieve that lift? I want it to still ride well so I'm willing to spend the money and do it right.
As another said above, I'm sure it's down to Jeeperf at this point. Otherwise, it's a full custom fab job (aka, more money than it's worth).
Actually, I'm told that JBA has all the components, to put together a 4-6 inch lift for the Commander and they are pretty reputable, within the Jeep community, so that's another option;

Are you sure? Their site shows just upper control arms, bushings, and ball joints.
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