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No More Superlift 4 inch lift kits?????

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Just checked out Superlift web sight 4 inch lift no longer listed.
Called them and they say its no longer available.

Does any one have this kit that will part with it? I meant to purchase one after my engine was rebuild was completed.
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Just checked out Superlift web sight 4 inch lift no longer listed.
Called them and they say its no longer available.

Does any one have this kit that will part with it? I meant to purchase one after my engine was rebuild was completed.
@Doright ;

I just checked their website & it appears that they do not produce them for the Commander or the WK Grand Cherokee anymore, sad as that is to say;

I'm glad I bought mine when I did.
So just to expand on this;

I just got off the phone with Superlift a few minutes ago and the story I was told, is that Some of the companies that manufactured the individual components (The Electronic Geometry Recalibration module was specifically mentioned - possibly something to do with the Computer Chip Shortage I keep hearing about) supposedly quadrupled their prices, virtually overnight and they would not work with Superlift to give them a more manageable cost for ordering in bulk;

The end result was the cost of the 4 inch Superlift for the WK & the XK became prohibitive, to the point where they were no longer profitable.

I asked if I had a component go bad, would I be able to get any replacement parts through them & he said essentially, the only parts they would probably still have in stock would be the rear shocks, which really doesn't matter - you could replace those shocks with any other shocks that had the correct specs.

The bottom line is for anybody out there like me that has the 4 inch Superlift installed is, if you have a catastrophic failure of any major component - or , if you're Superlift has a lot of miles on it and you want to freshen it up, you will probably wind-up going to a different lift kit, or just mixing & matching individual components of different manufacturers, to achieve the best end result you can come up with.

Superlift can no longer give us any kind of real support, for the 4 inch Superlift.
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Are there any 4 inch lifts available for the XK?
@WeldUnit ;

I've seen a couple of kits with 2.5 inch spacers that claim 4 inches of lift, but personally, I wouldn't trust a kit with spacers that large.

I'll keep looking , but, the chances of finding a complete 4 inch suspension lift for the XK now, look bleak.

If you want something of quality, you'd probably have to go to a 4x4 shop and put your own lift together, by buying your own individual components (mix & match as needed) and you'd better have a good size budget.
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As another said above, I'm sure it's down to Jeeperf at this point. Otherwise, it's a full custom fab job (aka, more money than it's worth).
Actually, I'm told that JBA has all the components, to put together a 4-6 inch lift for the Commander and they are pretty reputable, within the Jeep community, so that's another option;

Are you sure? Their site shows just upper control arms, bushings, and ball joints.
See post # 34 below: says he has the 6-8 inch adjustable Fox coil-over kit from JBA? said:
I guess I may be one of the few that is out there with the 6-8inch adjustable fox coil-overs from JBA. I ended up purchasing the entire kit with the long arm extensions as well. If ya'll still have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.
You might try reaching out to and asking him about it.
Are you sure? Their site shows just upper control arms, bushings, and ball joints.
@GO4WD ; said he would be here to answer questions, but, he has not provided any yet.

This is what he has listed as parts, in his profile;

started with 4 inch super lift

Upgraded 6-8 JBA Fox Coilovers

JBA rear track bar
JBA long travel arm kit (rear) 5 link
JBA upper control arms (highly recommend)
JBA Bump stops
JBA 6 inch rear springs
JBA FOX rear shocks with reservoirs and LSC adjuster

stock cv axels

The fact that he's listed JBA & Fox for the coilovers, as if they are the same company, gives me pause.

This might be a situation where, you'd be better off calling JBA directly and see if you can get the answers about the components he listed, straight from the horse's mouth.

If I was in the market for it, this would be the route I'd take.
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@Big Blue @GO4WD Would it be best to provide the build process over the years? I basically tested out each style of lift (2 inch puck lift, 2 inch puck lift stacked with 4 inch super lift, then the conversion to the JBA / super lift set-up). Let me know what would be the best way to do this so that maybe someone can see how it was done to possibly re-create it?
However you think is best ;

I had a similar progression from bone stock, to the 2 inch Rough Country Spacer lift which I ran for about 2 1/2 years, to the 4 inch Superlift, which I've been running for almost 5 years now.

It would be very helpful to see a full side-shot of your Commander, so everybody can see how it actually sits, in relation to the ground, with your JBA lift installed.
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Have loads of pictures. I'll include descriptions within each so there isn't any confusion. Which thread should I post it in?

PS: Today is somewhat of an off day so I actually have time to do this!
Great, we appreciate it.
@Stircrayzy @fshnbob @Big Blue I should be picking the commander up tomorrow. I can get some more close ups underneath and side shots of it too. I just realized this was the forum for superlift alternatives. I didn’t realize that. I’m not sure how my set up would
be of much use to find an alternative.
I will say that if you can find parts for the superlift, slowly piece it together. I have had the superlift on there since 2012 and haven’t had any issues with the components other than normal wear and tear.

How long ago did you purchase this Superlift modification kit from JBA?

Just trying to ascertain if this is still on the market or not.

I get the feeling that it's not - JBA probably stopped selling them, when the 4 inch Superlift for the Commander, was discontinued I'm guessing.
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If I remember correctly I purchased it in 2018. To my knowledge super lift discontinued the 4 inch lift kit at the beginning of 2020. I could be wrong though.
I actually called Superlift directly, in October of 2021, when I first caught wind from a member here, that the Superlift was no longer available & I confirmed that they were no longer available for the Commander, or, the Grand Cherokee (WK).

See post # 8 in this thread.

The point being, that this JBA modification lift, is probably no longer offered by JBA, since the discontinuance of the 4 inch Superlift back in 2021.
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