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I am not 100% sure, I either have a bad alternator or bad battery ... my Commander is a 2006 so the battery is probably due.

It was cranking over really slow lately and I had to boost it a couple times (luckily I was home both times) I installed an on board battery charger (I'll post more on that and some pics another day) and plugged it in overnight every night for the last 2 weeks and this morning it would not start.

So I have a brand new battery here, but did't know if it would fit, so I installed the battery and put two big pieces of PlayDoh on the terminals ...

... and gingerly closed the hood ...

As you can see the PlayDoh hardly squished down at all, IT FITS! :)

I had to bend the positive connector a bit so it would reach without putting stress on the wire and I reversed the bolt on the negative side so the vent covers would come off easy for checking the water level etc.

All in all a nice fit especially considering the battery was free :) the battery has significantly MORE cranking amps but a little less reserve capacity.

Hopefully that was the problem I put the original battery inside on charge and will have it tested this week.

Oh and yes I tossed the PlayDoh out :) no sence letting the kids play with it after that


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That is the same situation for the Ultima Battery.

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Several questions have been asked about a 2nd battery for the Commander.
Problem is placement.

What about......a smaller battery:
Enercell® 12V/35Ah SLA Battery for Alarms & Scooters

Put an isolater on the battery so it will not draw off the main battery. Hook
excess electronics to this battery.


Product Height 7 inches
Product Width 7.7 inches
Product Depth 5.2 inches
Product Weight 27 pounds

Battery Type Product
Chemistry Sealed Lead Acid
Capacity 35000 mAh
Voltage 12 Volts
Rechargeable Yes
Equivalent to UPG D5722, UB12350, UB-12350, CSB GP12340, Johnson Controls U1-31, UPS31, UPS12-95, Panasonic LCL12V33P, LCR12V38P, PowerSonic PS12330, Energizer 23-982, 2300982
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