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Officially New!!

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What’s going on everyone

I’ve been a member since 2021 but after being assisted by some moderators I e finally upped my member status and fulfilling my duties.
Looking to upgrade my Commander in terms of WHEELS, AUDIO SYSTEM,
SUSPENSION(lowering ;)) and slight COSMETIC changes.

I’m anxious, VERY ANXIOUS to get things rolling. Any help I can get or give(eventually) is why I’m here!!

Thanks Fam!!
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I made a proper signature for you from the data you entered, Thank you.
hey thanks…

I don’t even know how to get to that part to “Edit” my signature. I only see “Vehicle Details”

If you got in thereisland changed it for me, would you be able to make it
“2008 Commander LTD 5.7L V8 QD-II”

I like the way that looks versus how it was originally coming up for me at the top next to my name.

Thank you!!!
The info shown under you user name is from a pick list and I can not change that.I did change your signature to match what you preferred.
To make or modify a Signature click here for instructions - Signature - How to make or modify It is a little difficult on a smart phone but easy on a PC.
Hey thanks!!!
Yeah I’m on my IPhone so I guess that’s why. Thank you though I appreciate it. You fixed what I was asking for so I appreciate it.
@OrderSol ;

Welcome to the forum; Post some pics of your Commander when you can;

Please read the 1st post in the New Member Required Reading thread below; There is loads of great information for new Commander owners;

NEW MEMBER REQUIRED READING!!! Important New Member information, Forum requirements & Forum rules. | Jeep Commander Forum

Here are some links if you need to order any parts for repairs or upgrades to your XK;

Chrysler/Jeep Factory Parts:

North American Parts: https://northamericanparts.rpmware.c...unt/login.aspx

JeepinByAl: -

Rough County lift kits - Suspension Lift Kits, Body Lifts, Leveling Kit, 4x4, Jeep, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Off-road Truck | Rough Country Suspension Systems®

AFE: Advanced FLOW Engineering | Engineered Adrenaline -

Bilstein shocks & struts - Home

WAM Custom Bumpers - - Truck Parts & Jeep Parts - Lift Kits, Winches, Tonneau Covers, Tires, Wheels, Bumpers, Performance ? 4 Wheel Parts

RockAuto -

I hope you find this information useful & again, welcome aboard.
Oh YES!!! Thanks for the info and links. I will definitely read through what you sent. Thank you!!!
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