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Officially New!!

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What’s going on everyone

I’ve been a member since 2021 but after being assisted by some moderators I e finally upped my member status and fulfilling my duties.
Looking to upgrade my Commander in terms of WHEELS, AUDIO SYSTEM,
SUSPENSION(lowering ;)) and slight COSMETIC changes.

I’m anxious, VERY ANXIOUS to get things rolling. Any help I can get or give(eventually) is why I’m here!!

Thanks Fam!!
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I made a proper signature for you from the data you entered, Thank you.
The info shown under you user name is from a pick list and I can not change that.I did change your signature to match what you preferred.
To make or modify a Signature click here for instructions - Signature - How to make or modify It is a little difficult on a smart phone but easy on a PC.
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