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Oil leak and grinding noise from front wheels when turning at low speed only

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Jeep commander 3.0 crd

I've found oil leaking down from this bit of the car, just in front of the transmission.

Please can you help identify what bit this is in the pic and what that rubber grommit with a hole in it is for?

Going to change my pcv valve just incase it's pushing it out through the seals......

Also the front wheels make this grinding noise at low speed. It was clicking too but since changing the differential oil the noise has stopped but the wheels rubbing a bit when turning at low speed. Garages have no idea.

Thanks everyone!



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Many thanks. I did change the front and rear differential oil with 140w and mopar friction, but not done anything with the transfer case.

Will give that a go on the weekend. I have qdII so will add NV245. Assume it doesn't need any friction oil too?

Thanks so much for coming back so quickly.

Any ideas on the oil leak and where that might be coming from? Could the pcv fix that?

Thanks. Friction in back and front. Not done t case so will change with mopar n245. Hopefully that will sort it.

Juat need to find out where oil leak is coming from in the pic.....
Oil leak looks similar to mine.
I thought it to be the rear crank seal but since think it may be the sump seal which also has little blobs of RTV to close some spots. Not sure if this is the same on the CRD motor though. Mine is the Hemi.
There is a dust cover between the trans and the rear of the engine. One suggestion was to remove that and run the motor to see if you have any active leak on the seal. Is it ATF or Engine oil?
Not sure. Looks like engine oil though I've bit yer had to top it up
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