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Oil leak and grinding noise from front wheels when turning at low speed only

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Jeep commander 3.0 crd

I've found oil leaking down from this bit of the car, just in front of the transmission.

Please can you help identify what bit this is in the pic and what that rubber grommit with a hole in it is for?

Going to change my pcv valve just incase it's pushing it out through the seals......

Also the front wheels make this grinding noise at low speed. It was clicking too but since changing the differential oil the noise has stopped but the wheels rubbing a bit when turning at low speed. Garages have no idea.

Thanks everyone!



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Did they change the transfer case oil? It take a special oil or you will get "Crow Hop" on the front wheels.
2 Quarts of Mopar nv245 / nv247 / nv249 Transfer case fluid.

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No Friction on the T case
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