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I am in the process of installing my OME lift. I have completed the rear and was finally able to find a shop to assemble my front struts. I didn't have much luck with one auto parts chain's rental spring compressors fitting the coil. Having picked them up I had a couple questions before I try and put them in.

1. How important is the alignment of the lower tab and the upper strut block? Will I be able to rotate those slightly to install without having to compress the coil again? If so, best option to rotate it? One is closer to perpendicular than the other.
2. One of the upper isolators had the inner sleeve fold over and a portion of it got stuck under the coil. I assume the sleeve portion of the isolator is to reduce the chance of noise if the coil slips and hits the mount? I doubt they will move much and I would assume the iosolator will eventually compress so it won't make it an issue down the road? Thoughts?

Should I take them back to the shop and have them pull the portion of the sleeve out from under the coil and try and align the lower tab/strut mount better?




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