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I mostly post on the Facebook group but thought I should share here too :) My $3,500 XK is starting to transform.

OME HD springs with Bilstein 4600 shocks. JBA UCAs. I did myself, not a bad job. Compressing the springs was the hard part, should have got better ones than the ones Autozone rents out.

JK Rubicon Hard Rock wheels. 1.5" spacers. Falken WildPeak AT W3 265/70/17 tires. They rubbed good at hard lock. I did the pinch weld mod, boy that was a bitch. Way harder to folder the weld than I thought. My hands still hurt! I also had to trim the passenger fender liner a bit. I'd go 255/65/17 next time.

I'm going to add a 3/8 spacer up front and get the rear up a bit with Monroe shocks most likely. But won't happen for another year, I'm done dumping money into her for a while :)

If these things came off the factory line looking like this, I would think they would have sold soooo much better. No idea why Jeep couldn't make a decent looking Rubicon 7 passenger Commander.


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