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Outer cv half shaft boot size help

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Does anyone know if the front cv half shaft are considered small or large shaft? I’m having trouble finding boots. I found some online but they lost small or large shaft diameter? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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from rockauto (good to use for cross referencing parts)

the inner looks large, the outer looks small. once of each if you are replacing both. suggestion, for the price of boots, its almost a bargain just to replace the axle with a reman. if the boot is torn, the race inside is probably shot, or soon will be. $25 on boots is 1/4 of the cost of an axle

front inner
View attachment 45444

front outer
View attachment 45445
Yeah I actually just ordered a new CV from rock auto since my wife has been driving on it for about five days even though it’s only about 2 to 3 miles a day I don’t wanna risk anything. The driver side I just replaced the boot it was very simple and that was only torn for one day the boot was still filled with grease inside so I lost very very little it had a small pinhole in it I must’ve caught it with the pickle fork.
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