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If you receive either one of these DTCs, then you may need to replace your O2 sensors. I received P0131 which only called for the bank 1 sensor 1 to be replaced; however, I also replaced bank 2 sensor 1 because I had heard that sensors usually fail in pairs.

Bank 2 sensor 1 is the harder sensor to replace because the connector is pinned between the firewall and behind the transmission dipstick tube. I've made a video of the replacement to show you how to reach and remove this sensor.

After unplugging the connector, I had no reason to preserve the old O2 sensor, so I cut the wires instead of finding a way to remove it whole. To assist with future replacements, I chose to ziptie the new O2 sensor wire to the dipstick tube instead of finding a way to tuck everything back into the impossible position that it was in before.

Enjoy, I hope this helps someone.
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