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P0202 AND P0302 codes

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I don't have a Commander, but my buddy does and while he's good with cars he's not great with computers so I'm posting for him. He has a 2008 3.7L. I have a 90 XJ with AX15, for what it's worth.

He's got two codes:
P0202 (cylinder 2 injector circuit malfunction)
P0302 (cylinder 2 misfire)

He changed plugs (they were BAD - gap was HUGE), put in a new aftermarket ($12) coil for cylinder 2, ran injector cleaner, cleaned the injector's electrical contacts. Code is still happening.

I suggested he puts the old coil on a different plug and moves a known good coil from a different plug to cylinder 2. If the code stays at cylinder 2 we can rule out the coil. I don't think I trust a $12 coil although I don't know how much they are supposed to cost since I have a distributor. Besides that, the only thing I can think of is either a short in the wiring or a computer issue? I wouldn't think that a bad injector would throw the p0202 code since that's an electrical code. I'm assuming fixing the p02 issue will also fix the p03 issue.

Anyone have any insight?
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your advice is sound, see if the problem follows the coil pack. these jeeps do not like cheap aftermarket parts, especially elect. I'd suggest getting an NGK coil pack if the problem follows. from there the issue can be anywhere from a frayed wire to the PCM. really hard to diagnose
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Did you try moving the injector to another cyl? A faulty injector can present a p0202 code if its internally shorted or open.
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