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P0440 code evap control valve location

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I recently had a cel pop up with a P0440. I purchased a brand new gas cap considering it was cheapest and easiest to do and didn’t fix it. Next I’m going to replace the eve app control valve. Where is this located I cannot find anything on the Internet. Is it in engine bay? Or under car in rear? Thank you….John
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Engine bay, driver side mounted to the fuse box behind batt

Do you ever smell raw gasoline? A code p0440 indicates a small leak anywhere past the charcoal canister. This could be a leak in the gas tank itself (fuel pump o ring, evap hose ring, or vacuum lines, filler neck etc.) Less commonly, the vacuum lines in the engine bay or a cracked charcoal canister. You can test the evap purge valve manually using a scantool, before running out and wasting money on a replacement.
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