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P0440 code evap control valve location

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I recently had a cel pop up with a P0440. I purchased a brand new gas cap considering it was cheapest and easiest to do and didn’t fix it. Next I’m going to replace the eve app control valve. Where is this located I cannot find anything on the Internet. Is it in engine bay? Or under car in rear? Thank you….John
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Ok thank you. I will check everything over good tomorrow. Hopefully I can figure it out. It runs fine no issues. Just hate seeing the cel on. I don’t ever smell raw gas either.
So I just seen both hoses popped off of it probably when I was working on it the other day in that area. I hooked them back up. Cel still on but I guess it might take a little bit to go away. If I try to clear it with my code scanner, it won’t erase.
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