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Hello, new Commader owner here. Bought a 2007 with the 3.7L a couple months ago and recently it’s been. Going into limp mode and throwing a P0657 code. I had a general shop reprogram it and change trans fluid but it seems once the internals heat up it goes into limp. If I let it sit over night and cool off it drives fine the next morning. Do I need a whole new transmission?
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P0657 Actuator Supply Voltage A Circuit/Open (

When it comes to the P0657 and related codes, the ECM has detected an abnormal value within the actuator supply voltage circuit. It recognizes the abnormality by comparing the actual values to desired ones. If they go outside of a desired scope, it illuminates the MIL (Malfunction indicator lamp) on your instrument panel. It must monitor this fault through multiple drive cycles before illuminating the MIL. Make sure to research the designation for "A" within the circuit. Depending on your make and model, this could designate a certain wire, harness, location, etc. That said, always use OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) technical service information for this. This could also be detected by the TCM (Transmission control module) depending on what description your particular make and model has for this code. P0657 (Actuator Supply Voltage A Circuit/Open) is is active when the ECM or TCM has detected an open (or general malfunction) within the actuator supply voltage "A" circuit

Read more at: P0657 Actuator Supply Voltage A Circuit/Open
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