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Here are some great ideas for planning an event which I got off another fourm I belong to, If you have things to add please share.

Planning a Successful Drive
Written by Martin Scott
Smart Car Club of Arizona
Sunday, 08 June 2008

Successful trips start with early planning, it’s pretty easy to get two or three people together and go for a leisurely Sunday cruise. But when you have 15-30 cars turn out for that same Sunday drive then things become a bit more challenging…But all the more exciting! Here are a few keys to planning and executing a successful ride:

1) Plan, Plan, Plan…..after you have chosen your destination you need to find the best and most exciting way to get there. Use the tools of the internet like Google earth and maps to plan your route. After you have the route planed you should take yourself and one other car and run the route ahead of time. This will make sure that you know where you’re going, after all if the leader doesn’t know how to get there then how will your guest’s??? You will also be able to find out if there are construction obstacles that need to be avoided or unmarked roads that need to be identified…

2) After you have planed and run the route, make sure you have promoted your event, using tools like the news letter and RSVP system to get the word out there. Make sure post maps and turn by turn directions that your guest’s can download and print out, again all from Google.

3) When the day finally arrives, be sure to bring extra maps to hand out, this can also be valuable in case there is a last minute change in the planed route.

4) Hold your Driver meeting, keep it short and to the point, go over points of interest that you may have spotted on your pre-run and always encourage Safety, Safety, Safety! Remember, you are all going to the same place and it’s not a race!

5) Tool of the trade….If you don’t already own a set of two way FRS Radios, Invest in a set! They will make the task of keeping 30 cars together much simper. You can pick up a set of 20mile rechargeable radios for around $40.

6) Sweep! You got to Sweep….. Actually this is the term for the person that volunteers to be the last car in the group…Oh and remember that person who went with you on the pre-run….This should be your Sweep Car, that way if you are separated at any point the sweep knows the route and can help get everyone back together.

These are just a few guidelines, in the end each club is different and will figure your own ways that work for it’s members....But remember!

Have Fun!!!

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These are really useful tips,,,,

I would also add that the leader should also identify and locate the local Hospitals and emergency services, and if the planned route is going through area which is not covered by Mobile phone services
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