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Got my brand new Commander back from the dealer yesterday after a small problem with the Tow/Haul switch (turned out to be a short).

Today I wished my commute was longer than 2 miles!

Now I'm thinking about additions/mods for my '06 4.7 QTII:

1. More Cargo Space: I'm planning a family camping trip in December to, guess where?, the Eastern Sierras. We'll see if we have enough room inside for all of our stuff (still can't believe how much stuff a 7-month old needs!) and then revisit roof racks, cargo bags, and roof boxes after we see how it goes. Seems like we should have enough room as is. (Three of us with our camping and rock-climbing gear)

2. Functional/necessary off-road gear: front tow hooks, rescue kit/emergency gear, skid plates. Not sure I'm ready to tackle the installation of the fuel tank skid plate. Jeez! Have you seen the instructions for that thing! Can anyone offer me advice on skid plates? I've always wanted to off-road, but have never really done it and don't know if they are necessary for what I'll actually end up doing.

3. New mats and a cargo liner to protect the interior carpet. Have already read a lot of the threads and I really like the Weathertech and Husky floor liners or slush-style mats.

4. Hitch. Just in case I want to tow a pop-up camper. Don't know enough about the wiring (4-pin or 7-pin) to be able to choose what I need, but I can begin by installing the hitch and bezel. The threads on this are great.

5. Fog Lights. Looks-wise, absolutely necessary. Functionality-wise, I've had them on other cars and didn't use them much. Guess that's why they're #5.

6. Rock rails. Same problem w/r/t skid plates: don't know if I really need them.

7. CB. Does anyone use these anymore? Not really on my list, just interested.
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