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Hey guys. Long story short it looks like we're getting my father-in-laws 01' Accord for cheap which would allow us to sell my wifes DD (the Liberty) to eliminate the car payment before our daughter starts daycare next summer (we'll have 2 kids in daycare at that time... so eliminating a payment will really help our budget!)

It's a 2008 Sport 4x4. Doesn't have cruise control (thought about adding it though, it's easy enough). Cloth seats, no sunroof, normal CD player/radio, Selectable 2WD/4Hi/4Lo, basically brand new Hankook Dynapro tires, ~48k miles right now, rear & back windows tinted, WeatherTech Digital Fit mats for front and rear and I also made a cargo mat from my rubber pickup truck bed mat.

I'm a maintenance fanatic and will show you the spreadsheet I keep... but its had everything required by the maintenance schedule + extra done.

This vehicle does come with a 6year/80k mile certified pre-owned warranty. I already looked into it and yes, it is transferable ($150).

We owe $14.5k on it... so we'll be looking to get straight up blue book. The only thing keeping it out of the "outstanding" region is a smudge on the driver-side flare (looks like someone couldnt judge their passenger side when pulling into a parking spot and just barely touched the KK). Between the condition of this KK, and the warranty, I think we're right about where we need to be for a private part sale VS. what we owe. (Example: Edmunds Good = $13.7k and Edmunds Outstanding = $14.6k for private party sale, neither of which take into account a warranty since this vehicle would normally be out of warranty now due to mileage). So I wouldn't mind taking a few hundred dollar hit and splitting the difference between good/oustanding to make a deal around $14,300.

I'll try to get some better pictures soon. But we're located in Jackson NJ. If anyone wants to come check it out, just let me know. We're not in a rush... we have to wait for our father-in-law to purchase another vehicle first and he's waiting until after Thanksgiving. Unless someone really wants it... then im sure we can work it out :)

Here's some pictures from the day we brought it home:
(Only changes are new tires and rear windows tinted)

aaaand my mechanic giving it a "once over"

Reply here or shoot me a PM if you're interested
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