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2007 3.0 Startech
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I have a 2007 commander 3.0 diesel with 103k miles on.
Whenever I go to start her she turns and turns and turns before firing, doesn't matter if I've been driving 10 seconds or 1 hour, go to start her and same thing.
She has been regularly serviced, just had all 6 glow plugs changed and garage say all pressures are correct on the computer reading.
Any other ideas?
Thank you

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many problems may lead to this. I'd start checking against this list:

1. Do the glow plugs all have the same resistance?
2. Is your glow plug relay okay?
3. Have you checked whether the injectors are within acceptable flow rate? Do they leak being checked on BOSCH stand?
4. What's the state of the valves the high pressure pump and the rail have?
5. What's the pressure of the tank pump?
6. Have you inspected fuel lines for "vaporing" or leaks?
7. How many RPMs gives the starter?
8. How old is your battery and what's its voltage before you crank for the first time?
9. Do the temperature sensor, the boost pressure sensor and MAF sensor all give trustworthy values?
10. Is the fuel filter dirty/clogged?
11. Any OBD errors?
12. Right after the engine is started up, what's the smoke's color (white, blue, black)
13. What's your MPG?
14. What's the cylinders compression?
15. Does it make any difference if prior to start the truck was parked in the "nose down" or "nose up" position?
16. If you put the key in 2nd position and hold it so for a minute, then to off and then to start - do you see any difference with what you got used to?

When you managed to start her up, how hard it is to do it again after shutting down? Any differences when the engine is cold or the other way around, hot?
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