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2006 Limited HEMI V8 4x4
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Hey everyone! I have an 06 Commander 5.7 HEMI 4x4 Limited and I noticed that under acceleration there is a front end vibration. You mainly feel it going from 30 to 60 under miled acceleration. The vibration is also intermittent on the highway (about 70-80mph). Im wondering if its not the following

Wheel Barring
Front end DIF
Front DIF Axel?
CV (I highly doubt it)

Wheels are aligned good, no uneven wear. I just changed the trans fluid.
221K and still going strong

Any ideas? Thanks

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Have you had the wheels balanced? It is easy to lose a weight on a wheel from brushing against something and many other causes. If you bought the tires from a large chain dealer often they will rebalance for free.
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