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So here it is ladies, and gents....

Its time for new tires. The tires on the jeep when I bought it were in really good shape(tread depth), I didn't do the due diligence in checking the manufacture date... well now that the months have passed and they've seen their share of trail time from hunting/fishing, they're starting to show cracks in the sidewalls.
Long story short: I'm about to PCS to Colorado from North Carolina, and am looking to go up in size, if I go up to 245/75 as opposed to the largest fit without lift, I'll save nearly $200 on a set, why the extra information?? because I'm trying to convey the economic benefit to my wife-who when she hears "lift kit' she automatically thinks of Grave Digger, or Big Foot or some damn monster truck.

I've seriously considered my options, DayStar vs. Rough Country and I was wondering if anyone can confirm if the two actually have included leveling in the kit.

And also, if anyone can source an installation video for the XK specifically.

IN ADVANCE: Thanks for the help.
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