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I was just reading a review of the Chevy Avalanche and among other things, it said the Chevy has a review camera for backing up that normally shows the view behind the trunk. However, when the tailgate is down, the camera is aimed at the trailer hitch which makes it a snap to position the trailer hitch perfectly. What a great idea!:)

I wonder if the '07 Commander shows a view of the trailer hitch (if equipped with a rear view camera?) I find the "Backup Assist" on my '06 Commander does a fair job when backing up to a trailer. When the lights go "double red", it's time to STOP. However, the ball can and usually is either left or right of where I need it. Since my boat trailer is so heavy I can't move it, this usually results in another "pull forward and try again."

I also have to say I'm a little leery of trusting "double red" when backing up toward a trailer coupler for fear of putting a ding in my Commander's rear bumper.:eek:
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