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Replacing the Timing Chain on 2006 Jeep Commander 3.7l v6

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Hello everyone! I have a 2006 Jeep Commander v6 with 190,000 miles on it. I have replaced a few things along the way but for the most part it has given me very little trouble. I do have a fairly major oil leak coming from the timing cover though but have just been adding oil throughout the month. I recently had a rattling noise coming from the engine and took it to the shop to get it diagnosed. They say it is coming from behind the timing cover and that it needs to be checked out. So I am currently in the process of changing the timing chain and am wondering if any of you have done this before? I do most of the work on this vehicle myself so I am familiar with everything and it hasn't been too bad so far. I have removed the A/C Compressor, Alternator, Fan/Fan shroud, Tensioner, and Battery so far as well as a few other little things. Still need to take of the cylinder head covers?? and the power steering pump. Any comments on all this would be great!
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I just did this on my 4.7L engine. Not a big deal if the engine is out of the vehicle, but may be harder with the engine in the vehicle. You have to remove the valve covers to do this job. It is not hard, I did it by myself on an engine stand, correctly timing everything and buttoning it back up and it fired up without issue. There are many youtube videos on how to correctly time the engine, so I would recommend you look at them to get a good feel for it. Go to for the timing kit, it is cheaper than OEM and they make decent parts. Yes, they are made in China (what isn't these days?), but they are good enough that the owner of the machine shop that I use recommended them and I have used them on the last 2 engines I built.

Take your time, watch the videos, get the correct torque specs, keep everything clean, line up all the timing parts correctly and you'll be fine. The timing kit I got contained 3 new chains, 2 new tensioners, and the timing guides.

Good Luck!
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