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REQUIRED READING BEFORE POSTING ANY PARTS or ITEMS FOR SALE in this forum - Forum Rules when posting items for sale, trade or being given away.

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Based on my 7 year tenure here, as a member, Moderator & Administrator on this forum, I see a very clear need for some very specific rules here, that will apply to any forum member, posting any items for sale or for trade; These rules also apply to items being given away in this sub-forum. The rules & guidelines posted here, that are not related to the pricing of items for sale, will apply to forum members that are trying to trade, or, give items away.

If you're not planning on following these rules, DO NOT post anything for sale here

1) If you post something in this forum - whether it's for sale, or, being given away - please check back frequently to respond in a timely manner, to any inquiries or questions, from those who may be interested in what you have for sale, or, what you're giving away;

In light of this - if you post something for sale here, please perform your due diligence as a seller & forum member, by coming back to the forum to check your thread at least every other day; If you do not (and I'll be checking) your thread/item for sale will be removed. If your thread has been posted for a period of time and you are not responding to inquiries from a forum moderator or other forum members, your thread will be promptly closed. If you as the seller, have some kind of extenuating circumstances come up, where you will be unable to check your thread every other day, please communicate this to a Forum Moderator, or, a Forum Administrator, in a timely manner either by private message, profile message, or, by e-mail. If you fail to do so, you're thread will be closed. We will not sit around for weeks on end, waiting to hear from you.

1A) You must be a POSTING member of the Community for a minimum of 60 days, to post anything for Sale on this website.
This is designed to protect the forum membership & the Community as a whole, by ensuring you have an established reputation & have earned a certain level of trust on the forum, prior to conducting any sales or transactions here. There are no exceptions to this policy.

All too often, I've seen people join the forum, post something for sale the same day and never return to answer questions from forum members - probably because they posted the item for sale on craigslist or some other website, sold the item, and never had the consideration to come back here & notify a Staff Member (Moderator or Administrator) that the item has been sold, so the thread could be properly closed.

This policy puts a stop to that.

Violators of this policy will be dealt with very swiftly & accordingly.

Here are some additional steps you are encouraged to take in order to properly monitor your thread;

Click on your Avatar (Top right of screen) then select "Account Settings" and select "Preferences".

Under "E-mail Options" check the box that says:

1) Receive e-mail when a new conversation message is received;

Next, on the same page under "Content Options" check the 2 boxes that say:

1. "Automatically watch content that you create"
2. "And receive e-mail notifications"

These selections will notify you via e-mail if someone PM's you, also known as a "Conversation Message"

It will also notify you via e-mail if someone responds to the thread where you have posted something for sale.

If your item is sold here - or sold through another website, please notify a forum moderator in a timely manner, so we can properly close the thread and avoid any further inquiries.

2) If you are selling a part or item: Indicate that in your thread's opening post. When posting an asking price for any item you are trying to sell - keep the price close to fair market value. All items marked as "For Sale" must have an "asking price" listed.

If you're parting a Commander out - and are only looking for members to pay for the shipping of parts; PLEASE indicate that in your thread's opening post or it will be removed. Parting Commanders out is a very labor intensive process, because there is a very high demand for Commander parts on this forum;

DO NOT START THIS PROCESS unless you are 100% certain that you have the TIME & RESOURCES necessary, to see the entire process through, from start to finish;

Previously, this was not even allowed to take place - but I'm allowing it, based on input that I've received from the forum membership; I also believe this is providing a worthwhile service to the forum & Jeep Commander community as a whole;

However, If the thread is not properly monitored and I start receiving complaints from members that the OP (Original Poster/Thread Starter) is not responding to inquiries in a timely manner, the thread will be promptly removed and the practice of parting out Commanders will no longer be allowed to take place on the forum.

I've seen this take place twice in my tenure here, on the forum; the first time was a disaster because the member who started the thread, clearly was not up to the task; The second time was fairly successful - but even the 2nd time, there were some hiccups along the way and it took several months to complete; It really requires a lot of time & dedication to completely part out a Commander and ship off all of the parts to the forum members who want them;

So please, heed this warning. I strongly urge you to be 100% certain that you are ready, willing & able to take on the obligation and responsibility that comes along with such a commitment. It can & will be very stressful & demanding. You need to be absolutely certain, you can set aside the time required to respond to all of the forum's inquiries in a timely manner and coordinate all of the shipping required, for all the forum members you deal with. It really is a monumental task, when you stop and think about it.

2a) If you're caught trying to sell something on this forum for an unreasonably high price (as determined by a forum moderator or administrator based on fair market value of the item in question) you will be permanently banned from the forum with no questions asked. This is considered an egregious act which demonstrates a lack of integrity. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY when dealing with offenses of this nature.

2b) Please list the color (if applicable) as well as a detailed list of items that are available including the model year and trim package of the Commander the parts are being taken off of. Whether it's for sale or being given away, Clear Photos of the item (or items) are required to be included in the post/thread. If there are no photos, the thread will be promptly removed.

If you don't have clear photos of what you are selling, or giving away - DO NOT post it in this forum or you will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the Forum Moderators/Administrators.

Handle all transactions with common sense and courtesy - "Let the Buyer Beware" applies here, so, conduct yourselves accordingly.

4) At a minimum, YOU MUST PROVIDE at least a contact phone number with your parts for sale post; (This is nothing different from what would be required in a normal classifieds add) An e-mail address is also encouraged - but not required. Parts for sale posts without a contact phone number will be deleted and a forum warning, or, infraction will be issued to the offending party.

5) These rules may be changed, or amended, without notice. Failure to comply with the rules posted in this thread will result in the deletion of your thread/post - along with the possibility of being banned from the forum, which will be at the discretion of the Forum Moderators.

ALL other Forum Rules also apply to this section

Disclaimer: Sellers on this site are in no way related to, or affiliated with, the forum or its agents. This site does not endorse or guarantee sales transactions between users and is not liable. The content of posts and/or threads is the sole responsibility of the user who posted them and all users are responsible for their own actions.

Thanks & best of luck with your sale or purchase.
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