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Required Reading: Important New Member information, Forum requirements & Forum rules.

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NEW MEMBER REQUIRED READING!!! Important New Member information, Forum requirements & Forum rules.

Hello new members. Please allow me to welcome you to; We want you to enjoy your time here, share your experiences and hopefully learn more about your Jeep Commander by reading the valuable information that is provided and shared here among our members;

Now, that being said, we need to ensure you, as new members, take the following steps to adhere to the forum rules & guidelines that have been put in place;

First & foremost; You're expected to acknowledge & respond to all communications that are sent to you, by a Forum Moderator or Forum Administrator, in a timely manner;

This includes private conversations sent to you directly, messages that are posted to you on your user profile page, e-mails & posts from a Moderator or Administrator, that address you directly in any thread.

Failure to do so will adversely affect your forum membership, which could include disciplinary action, if deemed necessary by a forum staff member.

Each member is allowed one user profile and one user profile only; Any member caught creating multiple user profiles, will immediately be permanently banned from the forum. This is a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy.

User Profile Names
; Please use some common sense & good judgement, when registering & choosing your user name. This is a public forum; Anyone who selects a username that could be construed as inappropriate, or, offensive to others by Forum Moderators/Administrators, will be banned from the forum without warning.

This also applies when selecting your avatar - any avatar images, that are deemed to be offensive, or inappropriate, will result in the offending user being banned from the forum without warning. This is also, a zero-tolerance policy.

If you have a website or blog, you MAY list your website hyperlink, or URL, in the block of your profile, that is specifically designated as "Website".

*You may NOT post links to other websites, or blogs throughout your profile, or, your profile signature. This type of behavior is deemed as advertising and you may not advertise your website, blog or business on this forum, unless you are an approved, site supporting vendor. *

Any member caught posting links to pornography, or any other websites deemed inappropriate by the forum staff, will be immediately, permanently banned from the forum without warning.

There is no cursing or swearing allowed to be posted; Any member that posts profanity of any kind, will be immediately warned and repeat offenses will be handled with progressive discipline, up to being permanently banned from the forum, at the discretion of forum Moderators & Administrators.


*You're strongly encouraged to create a profile signature, displaying all of your Commander's information; Failure to comply will greatly diminish the forum's ability (forum staff & the forum membership) to assist you, with any problems, that you may be currently having with your vehicle. *

Once logged-into the forum - with the forum home page displayed, Click on your avatar, which is displayed at the top right-hand corner of your screen;

At the bottom of the menu that is displayed, select Account Settings as shown in the image below;

Once in Account Settings, select the 'Signature' tab (as shown below) where you will add your Commanders applicable information.

If you don't own a Commander just put " I don't currently own a Commander" as your signature and no further action is required.

If you do own a Commander, please create a text signature like the one underlined in blue, in the image above;

Your profile text signature should contain the following information at a minimum;

Model year; 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010
Trim package; Sport/Base, Limited or Overland;
Power-train; 3.7L V-6; 4.7L V-8; 5.7L V-8 or 3.0L CRD
2WD or 4WD;
If 4WD - which 4WD system you have - QT-I, QT-II or QD-II;
Current Mileage

The end result should be a signature, that appears at the bottom of all of your posts, that looks similar to this:

2007 Commander Sport; 4.7L V-8; QT-II 4WD; 146,000 Miles

Once your signature has been completed, our community would certainly like to get to know you better, so, please take the time to post an introduction thread in the new member section.

This is our normal new member protocol
and a long time tradition, here in our Jeep community.

PLEASE DO NOT post your 1st post/New Member Introduction thread, without completing your profile signature as directed here; If you do, you will be issued a forum warning. Failure to complete your profile signature as directed, will result in progressive discipline, up to & including, potentially, being banned from the forum for violation of forum rules.

The length of the ban will be determined by the Forum Moderators, based on the circumstances, as well as the member's response - or lack thereof.

PLEASE: Do not post your New Member introduction in another member's thread;

Your introduction post should be your own "New Member" thread, that you've created in the New Member sub-forum.

Please tell us your name (first name - or, even a nick-name is fine) & where you're from; Then you should follow up with other information like the year, trim package, color, power-train, and 4WD system (if it's a 4x4) of your Commander. You may also add whatever other relevant background information you would like to share.

UNTIL YOU REACH 5 POSTS - You will only be able to post in the New Member Section - but you can read any thread or post, in any sub-forum.

Once you hit 5 posts, your full user privileges will automatically kick-in and you will be able to post in the entire forum - including all of the sub-forums and you will also be able to post photos, URLs & hyperlinks.

When posting or uploading images - please don't upload or post anything larger than 1024 x 768 pixels because it bogs down the site and the image will take forever to load/open.

Since Photobucket started charging $400.00 a year for 3rd party image hosting a couple of years back, a lot of members have been asking for an alternative FREE 3rd party image hosting website - so here is a pretty good one:


Our community is a wealth of information and we are always happy to help people in their quest to learn about the Commander they have just bought - or the Commander they are looking for.

For Anybody who is Looking to buy a Commander;

You can check to see if all of the factory recalls & campaigns have been completed for the Commander you're looking at (or for the Commander you have already bought) by clicking on the hyperlink below & plugging in the VIN; If you are still looking and have not bought your Commander yet, I strongly recommend you do this BEFORE you buy it;

Official Mopar Site | Service, Parts, Accessories & More

The difference between a safety recall and a campaign is this;

A safety recall pertains to a vehicle problem that is a safety concern; A campaign is a vehicle problem that is not a safety concern, but, pertains to customer satisfaction.

To get the factory build sheet for the Commander you are looking at, or, for the Commander you've already bought, enter your VIN here:


The factory build sheet will list all of the factory options & optional preferred equipment packages that your vehicle had installed from the factory when it was built.

Additionally if you bought a Commander, and it didn't come with an owner's manual, you can download a .PDF owner's manual to save and/or print, from the website link below; Just click on "Jeep" then select the "Year" and "Model" of your Commander and click on "Select Vehicle"

Next, click on the "Owner's Manual" tab under "QUICK LINKS" then click on the "DOWNLOAD THE MANUAL (PDF)" button.

Official Mopar Site | Service, Parts, Accessories & More

NOTICE: These forum rules may be changed, or amended, without notice. It's every forum members responsibility, to check this thread regularly, for any updates or changes. By registering on, it's implied that you agree to these terms and all the other conditions of membership, as stated above.

This forum is a great place for general jeep knowledge, since many of our members have owned (or still own) other makes and models of Jeeps, so, ALL Jeep owners are welcome here.

I'd like to wish you a very warm welcome to and we hope you enjoy the forum.
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Bumped with updated information.
Thank you for the information on the owners manual!! SO HELPFUL
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Thank you for the information on the owners manual!! SO HELPFUL
No problem at all.
Thank you! Will get to the desk top puter as time allows?
Thank you! Will get to the desk top puter as time allows?
Sooner rather than later please. Thank you.
Thanks Big Blue! I think all of the requirements were met :)
Thanks Big Blue! I think all of the requirements were met :)
Well done and thanks for taking the time to read - it seems to be a forgotten skill around here as of late.

Welcome aboard.
Thank you!
Thank you!
No problem at all @MILESQ; Post an introduction thread when you have the time.
just wanted to post and let you know i started my intro thread and updated my profile with my info. thanks for adding me and look forward to learning from everyone here
Good to know thanks for the info!
Hi, new here.

What is the designated number of posts I have to have in order to post the actual question to a problem I have! Sure seems like a waste of time if someone needs a quick reply to a problem many here know the answers to.


5 and welcome.
5 and welcome.
Thanks for the info. I will try to add them up quickly then.
Although I am not sure quick posts count but I will see what happens.

Its a Saturday, nice day to take a photo of the jeep. Will do that ASAP.

Not sure if this is number 5 yet and hopefully the content is not important as to getting to that predetermined number.


Not sure if this is number 5 yet and hopefully the content is not important as to getting to that predetermined number.



You are at 6 posts already so, PLEASE STOP with the random posts;

Did you actually read the first post in this thread before you started asking questions?
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Stupid question alert?

I think I have done all the required newb stuff but I still get the alert up top asking me to enter vehicle info so that people can answer questions more efficiently or whatever ...I click on the link it gives but it just takes me to my profile, which I thought I had already filled out properly... Any ideas?

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