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I purchased my 06 commander in feb with 108,000 miles on it. Now has 112,000. Recently its been driving rough. its hard to explain the sound but while driving it sounds like it has air in the gas tank or something??
This is with a full tank as well.
Im not mecanically inclined so bare with me ?

It sounds as tho its a carborator noise?? My husband said maybe its the exhust?
Its not back firing tho??
Even when making a sharp right turn going less then 5 mph it acts like its going to stall..
I pump the gas petal so it doesnt..

Then when Im on a straightaway it hestitates and sounds rough as well??

My husband put in a dry gas thinking it was that, But it didnt correct the problem.

No problem with the power steering..

Going up hill the RPMs go to 3-4 with only going 40-50 mph..

Does anyone know what it could be??

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What Engine and Transmission do you have?

The first thing to do with any difficulties is too check for stored fault codes. You can do a search for Chrysler Key Dance and when you do it correctly it will read out codes in the Odometer in the Instrument Cluster.

Ummm, you're describing sounds, that don't make any sound. The gas tank has air in it normally, and it doesn't make any sound, so what is this sound you're hearing? Are you trying to describe a symptom, like the engine acts like it is sucking air up into the fuel line?

The description seems more like a rough running and prone to stall motor.

These are symptoms of a clogged air filter and worn out spark plugs. When was the last time the plugs were changed and have you inspected the air filter?

You talk about getting these symptoms in turns, it might be the traction control.

Do you have OEM sized tires on the vehicle or did you put oversized tires on the vehicle? Try turning off the traction control and see if that changes the symptoms.

"Going up hill the RPMs go to 3-4 with only going 40-50 mph.."
RPM's go to 3-4 thousand, the tachometer should have on it X1000 somewhere. This seems like the transmission did a normal downshift to handle the increased load, why does this strike you as something wrong?

The '06 Hemi's had an issue with a production flaw in the PCM's that could cause stalling without leaving any stored fault codes, replacing the PCM was the fix. The '06 V8's had a problem with a faulty trans filter that could split and cause internal pressure loss, that could cause stalling in some cases. The fix is to do a fluid and filter change on the trans, to get rid of the filter that split open.

But, if you're overdue for a spark plug change, that is the place to start, as well check the air filter and replace it if it is clogged. We've seen people post they have 100k miles on their Commander and have never changed the spark plugs, if that is the case for you, if you have no records of service from the previous owners, I would be extremely suspicious the problem is the spark plugs.
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