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2006 4.7L
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Hi everyone! I enjoy seeing other Commanders and what you owners are doing to and with them.

I’m a new Jeep owner (as of August ‘22) and now that I’ve had my new friend looked over and had the initial issues fixed, I’m looking forward to more fun with upgrades and modifications. So far, Gus has had his driver side door seal replaced, as well as new actuators, motor blower and water pump.

Fun things I’ve swapped out on him are new head/fog lights and today a new stereo and dash speakers! 🎶

Future goals:
2 inch lift, studded black(?) wheels, roof rack, grille guard, and new front and back door speakers. I have also done touch up painting under the hood. :p

P.S. Dont judge a book by its’ cover 😉
Jeep Tomboy (April B.)

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Nice ride.
Where did you get the air mattress?
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