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Hey guys... okay i may be paranoid about this one but with good reason... In the past few months 4 of my friends have had their vehicles stolen... 3 of them have been recovered but completely stripped of parts and one hasnt been recovered yet. This is a huge plan for me to do since I will be driving to the city for classes 5 times a week.. Any suggestions on a security system? I was looking for one that preferably has a kill switch and a gps tracking device in it as well.

Here are a few I have looked at.

I have also thought about just doing some simple things like this

all these are great and what not but I would also love to figure out a way to wire up security cameras into the vehicle for some much needed "while im away visualization" My reasoning behind this is because I go to college... My previous car has been in 5 hit and runs from people either backing into it or turning into it.... All the cost to repair the vehicles has been out of pocket and since the security cameras at my college are junk they were never able to definitively make out a license plate number. Has anyone done anything like this before... I am assuming that I will have to run them off of their own separate battery or have small wireless batteries which can be plugged in and charged while the vehicle is running. I would love to find a way to wire the security cameras to turn on every time the car alarm goes off but if someone were to key my vehicle which my not trigger the alarm system then they would have to wired up completely separate.
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