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hi all i have a 06 limited commander and i wast to lower it and tighten up the susp.
here is what i was thinking... i need your input and help so we can make this work for all of us that are interested in doing this...

mopar springs lower only about 1 and 1.5 in the back...great but are they tighter? i have no idea.. does anyone?

i was told many times that the cherokee are the same setup as ours so here is my idea

why not get a set of stock springs for our commanders off of a srt8 cherokee?
its tighter and will lower it also

there are lowering springs for the srt8 cherokees that lower it another inch

so here are the things i need help with...

how much lower is the stock srt8 then the commander?

if its like 2 inches then we get a 2 inch drop or so just with the stock srt8 springs...

if you want more then get the lowering springs for the srt8 and get another inch...

plus the spring rates are stiffer so it will make it handle better im not looking at making it handle like my koni equipped z28 but the school bus handling does suck if i have to admit it....

i would like to do that and then get some better shocks and maybe sway bars and the thing would be like a srt8 commander haha just want it to look better handle better and then i want to get a set of 20s on it and it will be great

so let me know if you guys have any factory spring rates on the commander and the srt8 cherokees so we can compile a set of suspension pieces that will let us build the commanders the way we want to...

thank you all in advance

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Sorry I cannot help you on this one, my suggestion is to try a grand cherokee forum for advise. You may find someone there that has the SRT near to you that you can look at in person and take measurements for referance to your XK. If you decide you want to lift it and put bigger tires on let me know I think I may be able to be helpful then. lol
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